10 reasons for visiting Alamo Inn Motel at San Antonio

Travelled in September – Shoulder season. Motell common areas are nice. Alamo Inn Motel room was fine, but not as nice as I had expected. There was a bit of a strange odor, but not too bad. Refrigerator in room didn’t work but they promptly fixed it as soon as I reported it. Microwave in room smelled of spoiled milk when I used it. TV and DVD player in room were nice. Free DVD rentals throughout your stay was a nice benefit when my son got sick and we stayed indoors for a full day. Pools are nice. Kids activities weren’t prevalent during shoulder season. Staff was accommodating but not quite up to my expectations. For example, upon checkin I was given my key and told where the elevators were. No explanation of where DVD rentals were, where pools were, where dining room is, any activities that they coordinate… basically no information about motel at all, other than how to get to my room. When my son got very sick in the middle of the night, the front desk was very helpful in providing a map and directions to the emergency room. They did express care and concern for my son. Alamo Inn Motel wasn’t bad, but just wasn’t as good as I had expected. I chose the hotel because we weren’t staying a full week like we usually do, so I didn’t want to bother with grocery shopping and preparing meals… but instead wanted convenient meals in the hotel. I’ve stayed in the Alamo Inn Motel – San Antonio each area every year or so for 15 years. This is the first time I’ve stayed at a ‘hotel’ – I usually rent a condo. Next year I will most likely go back to renting a condo.

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