La Zebra Hotel, Tulum – 5-star paradise for all travellers

Attention lovers of great food and well made drinks! This is NOT the resort for you! Even if you are going as an all inclusive guest, the money you save is not worth the price you pay in disappointment. Before booking, cheсk the reviews –

My sister gave us her time share to use for my honeymoon. We chose to go the La Zebra Hotel because this resort promised an obstacle course in the jungle, a rappelling wall and excellent restaurants. We wanted some place different and luxurious. We thought this was the place for us. Boy, were we completely wrong and came away from our honeymoon felling like total idiots.

We had barely arrived at the resort and no one seemed to notice we had “honeymoon status” (that we payed extra for). We finally got checked into our “special room” and found it was on the first floor on the main side walk with a “special view” right into our room. Iit was not the spacious 3 bedroom suite we had been promised and again payed for. After some arguing we managed to get a new room with the same layout but not on the first floor of the La Zebra Hotel. For more information (

We both like to cook and, having heard the restaurants were top notch, were excited to try all the variety on the resort. Imagine our surprise when night after night, the food was so disappointing we had to order room service around midnight. (which was also horrendous).

The the La Zebra Hotel pool was gorgeous but the plethora of spring break oriented 20 somethings there, made it less than relaxing. At least there were multiple options at the poolside bar, complete with bees and flies in all the simple syrup. The drinks were all made with this same simple syrup: margaritas, mojitos, daiquiris, so they all tasted like honey-ed up moonshine. Finally, we began just drinking the straight, top shelf liquor so we would get our money worth!

The obstacle course, if you could call it that, was just a tetanus shot waiting to happen in the middle of some bushes and shrubs. The rappelling wall was only open one day we were there and only for around an hour!
La Zebra Hotel ( was a beautiful place but we were greatly let down by everything, from the excursions, to the food, to the service. It was over priced and nothing as promised. You are better off going to Florida.

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